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Autumn Getaways for the Family

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Autumn is here, the warm weather has gone so now is a great time to plan a last-minute Autumn getaway for you and the family. There are numerous places across the UK you can visit that will be beautiful in the low Autumn sun!


Devon is a truly stunning county with a wonderful stretch of beaches. Although the weather may not be ideal for sunbathing, you can always head to the beach and have a walk along the sandy shores. There’s also loads of family entertainment from min golf to the dinosaur museum and adventure parks. If you’re looking for somewhere to go with the family, then Devon is highly recommended. There are some great deals, contact the customer services team to see what they have on offer.


Although not somewhere you would originally think of for a day out, Manchester is a brilliant city, especially when the Christmas markets open. If you have a budding David Beckham in your ranks then the Football Museum will keep them occupied. There are also countless shopping options if you’re fancying a bit of early Christmas shopping. There are loads of restaurants, cafes and things to do in Manchester, so if you’re fancying a UK city break then this is highly recommended.


One of the more obvious options but London is a magical place to head to at this time of year. With the many markets, sparkling Christmas lights and more, London has it all. There are loads of attractions, museums and art galleries, plus the usual landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. Your kids will love the toy section of Harrods, so make sure you give them an opportunity to have a look around!

Lake District

A more scenic family getaway, the Lakes are famous for their stunning views and beautiful walks. You can always find something to do and somewhere to explore. There are lake cruises and loads of museums if it rains, including Beatrix Potter’s old home and the Windemere Jetty Museum! If you want to get away from the big city for a short break with the family then the Lake District is the ideal place to go.

Hopefully, I’ve helped to get some ideas flowing. If you have any tips and advice on where people should head to for a getaway at this time of year then leave a comment below with your suggestion!


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