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Back to School & Back to the Blog

*collaborative post.

It’s back to school & back to the blog in my house! I can’t believe it’s back to school time already. The summer FLEW by so fast! I’m really glad that I took the last few weeks off of the blog to enjoy the remaining time before school with the kiddies. That being said, I’m excited to be writing again!

This was the first social media break I’ve taken this year & it was badly needed! Apologies to anyone that I didn’t RT or reply to on Twitter or my other networks. It was hard to let go of my Twitter addiction but I had to in order to have a full break.

So what have we been doing for the past few weeks you might ask? We have been busy enjoying each other’s company & getting set for school. Both of the boys are in new rooms this year & our baby is starting Montessori two days a week! Where has the time gone?!

All three of the kiddies enjoyed shopping for school supplies this year. The boys love getting new books & supplies for back to school. They enjoy picking out pencils, cases, bags & all of the fun accessories that go along with the books. Our daughter picked out a pink pencil & a few other bits even though she won’t be taking them to school, she was happy to join in the back to school shopping.

We spotted a lot of fabulous books when we were doing our school shop. The kids love to read so I’d like to get them some of their favourite books to enjoy in the evenings. Every night we read before bed. The top of the list includes the Little Miss set. We have Mr Men which is a big hit so I know our daughter would really love the Little Miss series. We have so many books we’d love to get including some fab activity books that the kids enjoy doing together at the kitchen table.

Back to school for kids who have moved to a new school can be a really exciting time. It’s important to pick the right school and to look into the various options the area has to offer. There are plenty of guides and list articles out there online, that help you break down the various school options in a given city or area, such as this useful guide to schools in Cardiff for example.

Besides the back to school prep & reading, we have been enjoying some lovely weather, playing games & having quality time as a family. I had no idea how much I needed this break until I took it. I am going to work out a schedule now to continue with my blog but not at the same amount of weekly hours as I was doing.

How was your summer? How did you prepare for back to school? x


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