Birds of Prey Show at Westport House

We kicked off our Easter holidays in style with a trip to Westport House in the beautiful heritage town of Westport in the rugged West of Ireland. We had a brilliant time riding the rides at their Pirate Adventure Park.

A real highlight of our day was the Birds of Prey Show at Westport House. It was so much a highlight that I took so many photos & videos that I decided to create a separate blog post dedicated to the Birds of Prey Show experience.

One of the new highlights added to Westport House in 2017 is the Birds of Prey Centre. They feature Hawk Walks & daily Birds of Prey shows at 3pm. The shows lasts one hour & is action packed & enjoyable the full time.

The Birds of Prey show is held in the courtyard between the ticket office & Gracy’s Cafe. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Gracy’s before watching the show.

My friend & I had 6 kids between us aged 3 – 10. Every one of the kids adored the show! No one was afraid, no one wanted to leave. Everyone sat with full attention for the hour – it was that good. My 4-year-old daughter is typically afraid of crows & other “larger” birds, but to my surprise & delight, she adored this show. She even held a small owl & pet a large owl!

I’ve put together a video of our experience at the Birds of Prey Show to give you a taste of the amazing birds you get to see…

If the video doesn’t play for any reason, you can view it directly on YouTube here.

Jason was really fantastic & his genuine passion for the birds well being really shines through! He was funny & relatable for adults & children alike. Jason shared a lot of information about each bird but also kept the show light & interactive. People had the opportunity to wear his glove & hold a bird. And, everyone had the chance to pet an owl.

It was truly an unforgettable experience to see these gorgeous creatures up close & personal.

When we left Westport House we kept saying what a great day we had. The Birds of Prey show at Westport House was on the top of all of our favourites list.

The Birds of Prey Show was on our mind long after we got home. My 10-year-old drew Jason on my YouTube channel (lower left drawing) & our 4-year-old drew Jason with a bird on his hand (top photo) and an owl flying (bottom right).

birds of prey show westport house drawing

Tips for Visiting Birds of Prey Show at Westport House

  1. The show is held outside on the grass. We brought a picnic blanket to sit on which came in handy!

  2. Be in a few minutes early as Jason is really interesting to chat with & the show starts on time.

  3. Set aside the full day to enjoy Westport House & the Pirate Adventure Park as there are lots of fun things to do. We really enjoyed our day there. Click the following link to read my review on the Westport House Pirate Adventure Park.

Disclosure: We received complimentary admission to the park & show for purposes of this honest review, all opinions as always are my own. 

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