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Blink And It’s Over

The smallest member of our family turned 3 on Saturday. She has been having so many milestones over the past few months that it’s hit me – I don’t have any babies left! The time has gone by so quickly. Literally, it feels like the blink of an eye since our oldest was born.

A quick summary of me as a mom…I’m from NY, married an Irish man & we moved to the West of Ireland. We have three kiddies aged 8, 6 & now 3! I breastfed each of my children for 12 – 15 months. I’m a stay at home mom & new blogger. My days revolve around my children. Taking them to school, collecting them, doing homework, making meals, cleaning up from meals, playing games, reading books etc etc.

Being pregnant & breastfeeding has taken up 5 & a half years of the ten years we have lived in Ireland. Raising babies is what I have been doing & it’s what I know of life in Ireland. It feels so strange to be at the end of an era.

I always wondered how people could say they were done having kids. It always seemed so definite & impossible to me. But, during my third pregnancy, I came to that conclusion that I didn’t want to do that again. And, during our daughter’s first year I knew that as much as I love having a baby I was ready to stop at 3. I still feel that way but there’s a sadness & real sense of finality now that our daughter is toilet trained, sleeping in a big girl bed & has turned 3! She’s a little lady now.

When it comes to children, simply blink and it’s over. Nappies, naps, pacifiers, tantrums, refusing to eat (actually our daughter still does this), sleepless nights, sore boobs, thinking they’d never crawl & all the rest are a thing of the past. During those baby years, it felt like time was going so slowly & they’d never crawl, eat, or sleep the night. Now when I look back it feels like those years blew by us. This is our little princess at 4 months old. It feels like yesterday.


My advice to myself & anyone else is to truly cherish every moment with your kids. They grow up so fast. The time goes into hyper mode when they start school. Before you know it they are ready for first communion like our son is this year.

blink and it's over 1

We celebrated our daughter’s birthday as a family. Due to the flu landing in our house we rescheduled the party with extended family to this Saturday. She gets two birthdays which is very exciting & is letting me absorb my baby being 3 for a little bit longer.

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