Customize Jetpack Related Posts

I learn something new for my blog every day! I’m going to share my newest discovery with you – how to customize jetpack related posts.

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that has lots of functions.  One function is to list related posts at the bottom of your post.  The idea is the reader might spot something else they’d like to read & stay on your website a little longer.  Jetpack comes pre-set to display 3 related posts.  I wanted to increase the number to 6. And, I wanted to change the heading “Related” to “You May Also Like.”

On & off for a few months, I’ve been googling “how to increase jetpack related posts to 6.”  Unfortunately, there were no easy options.  The only instructions I could find have you edit the Jetpack functions.php file. A few months ago, I learned the hard way never to mess with functions files so that wasn’t happening. I decided to email Jetpack customer support & ask them if there was an easier way.  I received a detailed reply the same day! With lots of helpful information. I’m quite impressed with their customer service.  Here’s what they told me to do…