Dear Hollywood for the love of all things would you please stop making the same movie

You, regular readers, know Cuddle Fairy is a place for positivity, not rants but today I just can’t hold it in! I just have to say it! Hollywood – listen up!

Last night my husband & I watched a movie together on tv. Tis the season for movie watching on the couch, right? I won’t name the movie as I don’t want to give any bad publicity towards it. Suffice it to say it received very good ratings & was made in the past year.

Anyway…the movie starts & I’m paying close attention to the plot, following along carefully as to not miss anything important as the story unfolds. It’s quite a violent film which I’m not a fan of but I’m thinking there will be some sort of point at some stage, some depth, something….

After a half-hour of viewing, it becomes clear that I have actually watched this EXACT SAME plot line many many times before.

I kid you not.

Afer the realization hit, everything that happened in the movie became extremely predictable. Because I have already seen this movie before. Several times. Too many times!

I watched to the end with a sense of disgust & lots of sarcastic comments, knowing every twist & turn because I’ve followed them all before. Nothing was exciting & it actually became laughable how predictable & ridiculous the plot of this film really is. There was no suspense, no sense of what will happen next.

I started thinking about movie plots & realized there are very few movies that don’t follow one of these far too familiar plot lines:

  1. Action Movies: Main character is a man, his family has been killed off, he seeks revenge. Others are killed along the way. The final scene sees main man kill ultimate bad guy but it’s tough going – ultimate bad guy can’t be killed with a gun or poisoning. Oh no, it has to be hand to hand combat to take down ultimate bad guy. His minions are easily killed off but not him. In the end, main man wins after a ridiculously difficult & life-threatening struggle with ultimate bad guy. He’s bruised but still looks pretty good & manages to walk away. Ultimate bad guy is gone – woohoo! Never saw that one coming.

  2. Rom-Com: Boy meets girl, it’s great. Music montages happen. Love is in the air. An incident happens, things fall apart. Oh no! What will happen next? Luckily, boy redeems himself & lives happily ever after with girl. Phew!

  3. Kids Movies: Cuteness, music & fun occurs for awhile then bad guy comes in & scares everyone. Bad guy causes havoc, tries to kill the cute guys. Luckily in the end, after much struggle bad guy dies or is put somewhere he can’t harm the cute guys. Phew, it was a close call no one could have known how it’d end. And kids are left with nightmares of the bad guy chasing the cute guys.


I personally am sick to death of these same plots. It is ridiculous at this stage. I’d love to see a movie that follows something different. Why not make a kids movie where the lovely cute characters aren’t trying to be killed off or imprisoned or harmed in any way. How about a nice story for a change? And how about an action movie that thinks outside of the box (not killing off the family maybe). Or a rom-com that follows a new path – leave out the incident that causes the couple to separate. Try something new!

I’d love to see some movies that are just nice stories. Or at least have some new twist or ideas in them to keep the plot interesting. But maybe it’s just me – what do you think of movie plots? Did you experience watching the same movie plots over the holidays?

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