Doll Christmas Gift Guide & Musical Elsa GIVEAWAY!!

So, guys, I am writing my very first gift guide! I know it’s a thing bloggers do but I just never got into it. BUT I feel inspired to write one for dolls because my daughter adores her dollies.

I think a doll is a fabulous Christmas gift. There’s such excitement unwrapping a new doll!! With that in mind, I have a fabulous musical Elsa doll up for grabs, details on the giveaway are at the bottom of this post.

Dolls are a great gift for girls or boys. It’s a shame that packaging is usually pink and “for girls.” Dolls are a wonderful way for all kids to role play being a mom or dad. And to learn and show love and compassion. So don’t let the branding stop you or your kiddies from enjoying a doll.

Some of these dolls were sent to us for review over the past few years, and some we bought our