Engineer the Chocolate Bar of the Future Competition

*collaborative post

As you know I am a big believer in imaginative play. I think it helps children to develop their minds and their creativity. They also become more self-sufficient and independent.

The types of encouragement and toys that children have, shapes the variety of imaginative play they develop. My four-year-old daughter loves her dollies and often imagines herself to be a mommy running her house in the playroom. In addition, she uses her imagination through dress up games and make believe with her brothers.

IET (The Institution of Engineering & Technology) launched the Engineer a Better World campaign in 2015 to inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians. The idea is to encourage young people and their parents to think differently about careers in engineering and to see that engineering is everywhere! From our smart phones and tablets to clothing and houses – engineering takes many different shapes.

IET research found that boys were almost three times more likely than girls to receive a STEM-themed (Science, Technology, Engineer, Math) toy at Christmas. These stereotypes could be discouraging gi