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Fun things for Kids to do in their Own Garden

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In the age of technology, it can be easy for kids to get sucked into watching tv, playing video games or looking at phones. But the healthiest place for kids to be is outside, playing, exploring and using their imaginations.

As parents, we can sometimes feel that the kids need to be entertained or given things to do. When in fact, kids really thrive when they have the space and opportunity to come up with games and things to do for themselves. Here are some fun things that kids can set up for themselves and enjoy in their own garden.

Climbing Frame

Climbing frames have a lot of amazing benefits for kids. Having a climbing frame in your own backyard is even better, because the kids can go out and enjoy it anytime while you can keep an eye on them. There is no need to plan anything out for the kids, they will figure out loads of different games and ways to play on their climbing frame themselves.

Benefits to a climbing frame includes promoting creative play, physical fitness, improving gross and fine motor skills and enhancing creative thinking. Climbing frames from Wickey are super engaging for kids with their fun colours and designs like these in the images below.


You can’t go wrong with some simple sports equipment for the backyard. Things like a soccer ball, badminton set, swing ball, baseball, mini golf set or dodge balls make great ingredients for so many sporty games. Kids can play the games as per the rules or create their own games using the various sets and balls. There are no limits to what you can play when you use your imagination.

My kids like to set up obstacle courses using the sports equipment too. There really are so many options for them.

Chalk Art

If you have a portion of your garden that has paving stones or concrete*, chalk art is great fun for the kids! Chalk is relatively inexpensive and lasts for hours of artistic fun. If you don’t have a space, you can get an outdoor chalkboard for the kids to enjoy.

*Do a patch test to make sure the chalk doesn’t stain before you let the kids off!

Play Dress-up

This kids’ activity was never meant to be done exclusively indoors. When putting on flowy Medieval costumes, the environment is just part of the fun. Environment and imagination will also help your little ones create and act out scenes that will suit the attire they have on.

Beyond the den or playroom, the garden is a great venue to play the fairy princess or lost girl in a red hood. Not only does playing outside build physically healthy kids, but it also contributes to cognitive, social, and emotional development. Children who play outdoors regularly are more curious, self-directed, and likely to stay with a task longer.

Explorers Kits

Kids love to explore nature! There are lots of fun kits out there for little explorers to enjoy, ones that include binoculars, field scopes and magnifying glasses, sample containers and more. We were sent a young explorers kit from discovery years ago and the kids still love to use it. They imagine that they are off on safari or in other locations as they explore the world around them.

There are a few simple ways that kids can have lots of fun in their own garden, using their imaginations and creativity. What would you add to the list?

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