How I Grew my Facebook Likes

Facebook has been a challenging network for me.  Having my content actually seen by people & gaining new likes has been a struggle & I hit a plateau.  In this post, I’m going to tell you how I grew my Facebook likes to 2,147 in five months.

Starting off on Facebook

I started Cuddle Fairy’s Facebook page one week before my blog went live.  I invited all of my Facebook friends to like it.  I asked close family & best friends to invite their friends to like my page (through the Facebook page like function).  I grew to 372 Likes promoting through friends & family.

Next, I ran a Facebook like & comment giveaway for some rose earrings (which cost 20 euros but looked stunning).  I gained 65 new likes with that competition.  Since then, I’ve held several giveaways on my blog.  “Visit Cuddle Fairy’s Facebook page” is always one of the entry options.  My blog giveaways don’t gain as many new Likes as the Facebook like & comment giveaways. Regardless, my Likes slowly increased to 372 from 572 over the course of 4 1/2 months.