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How to Play Get a Grip – The No Thumbs Challenge Game

We were sent the newest game from Hasbro Toys to try out! Get a Grip is a hilarious game for families and friends to play. Get a Grip is Hasbro’s twist on the “no thumbs challenge” where players complete challenges against each other without using their thumbs.

The game comes with 4 machine washable hand bands (so players really can’t use their thumbs), a deck of challenge cards, two note pads and two pots of sculpting clay.

The premise of Get a Grip is quite simple – you can’t use your thumbs. So the game begins with two players wrapping their thumbs in the hand bands. Then draw a card. Each card contains a challenge such as drawing a picture, sculpting something or performing a simple task. The challenges are timed.

The winner of each challenge keeps the card & then challenges another player. The first player to obtain 3 cards wins the game!

Watch us unbox & play Get a Grip:

If the video doesn’t load, you can watch it directly on YouTube here.

The simple rules make Get a Grip easy & fun to play. It’s recommended for ages 8+. My 4-year-old daughter joined in and loved it (she was the one pounding the clay in the video). To make it more difficult for older players, they recommend you wrap your fingers up as well, so only two fingers are usable.

I can imagine this game being fun to play with adults as well at a dinner party or over Christmas holidays with a glass or two of mulled wine.

I hope you enjoyed our video & review! For more videos check out Cuddle Fairy’s YouTube channel.

We were sent Get a Grip to try, I was under no obligation to write a review or create a video; all opinions as always are my own. 


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