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I’m excited to introduce you to a BRAND NEW website today called Snail Militia! Snail Militia is a social address book – a revolutionary and simple way of keeping up to date with your friends and family’s contact details.

Snail Militia is an online address book. After you set up a profile & add your address, you can invite your friends and family to do the same. You build up your contact list and then if any of your contacts move or change phone numbers, they simply update their details in their Snail Militia profile & all of their contacts get notified via email.

My current system is a hand written address book that I’ve had to erase & scribble out addresses and add new ones. But when I go to send someone some mail, I’m always faced with the questions: Is this an old or new address? Was Sue going to move? Has she actually moved? Do I have her details right? Then I have to email or text to confirm the address before sending out the mail.

This process is particularly frustrating around Christmas when I’m trying to find out where several people live (you know who you are) in order to send out their Christmas cards and gifts. With Snail Militia, when birthdays and occasions roll around and you need someone’s address, you can simply open your Snail Militia account and access that information.

In the US changing phone numbers happens a good bit and keeping up to date with new phones can be difficult. Snail Militia has options for home, work and mobile phones. If you get a new number you simply update your Snail Militia profile and they alert your contacts for you.

I have been caught out several times when I go to the post office but have forgotten my address book! I never forget my phone so with Snail Militia I could simply head over to my contacts & retrieve the addresses I need, from anywhere in the world. No more having to bring an address book around – woohoo!

Watch as I Talk About Snail Militia

I have a short video where I explain how Snail Militia works with some screen shots of how I set up my account…

If the video doesn’t play, you can watch it directly on YouTube, here.

How to Set up An Account with Snail Militia

Here’s how I set up my Snail Militia account in a few simple steps!

Step One: Create an Account  Go to Snail Militia and create a new account.  Creating a new account is as simple as entering an email address & a password.

snail militia create account

Step Two: Create your Profile.  Add your address, phone numbers and upload a photo so family and friends know it’s you. Click Save.

Step Three: Connect with Family & Friends.  There is a “copy url” button on your profile, as you can see in the image below. Click that and then email the link to your friends and family. When they click the link open they will see your profile page with a button that says “connect.” When they press connect they are added as your contact. If they don’t have a Snail Militia account yet, they will be brought to the create an account page.

snail militia profile page copy link

Step Four: Enjoy your Online Address Book!

Your new contacts will all appear on your profile page. They are private to you & won’t appear when anyone else sees your profile page. Continue to send and accept connection requests to build your online address book.

If anyone changes their address or phone number, Snail Militia will email all of their contacts to let them know. In the screen shot below, Robin has updated her info and it has come up as an alert on my profile page.

snail militia contacts screen

As you can see, Snail Militia is very user-friendly. It’s easy to use, easy to share with family and friends. And easy to build your online address book! Then imagine how simple it will be to send out snail mail when all of your contacts details are up to date and at your finger tips, where ever you are.

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