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I’m excited to share a product with you that I’ve been using for the past four months called innovo. Innovotherapy is a non-invasive way of restoring the pelvic floor. Many women suffer from leaks after having a child or two or three… There are other causes such as menopause & it’s not just women who suffer from this problem. 1 in 10 men are affected by urinary leaks.

Innovotherapy sends impulses through pads attached to the thighs & bum to activate the muscles in the pelvic floor & calm the bladder. Innovotherapy treats the primary cause of urinary leaks rather than just masking the symptoms. Using a handheld controller that is attached to a two-part garment, Innovotherapy sends targeted impulses via a set of conductive pads (attached to your upper thigh and buttocks) to safely and effectively activate all the muscles of the pelvic floor or to calm your bladder. This is what the pads & controller looks like.


The two pads fit over each thigh at the crease of the bum. There are two wires on each pad which connect to the controller. The controller controls the intensity of the pulses which are sent through the pads & up to the pelvic floor. The user is in total control of the pulse intensity.

I started with an intensity in the 30’s for the first week & then gradually increased it into the 50’s. There’s no rush in increasing or pushing the numbers up quickly as everyone would require a different intensity to feel the pulses. For the best results, you need to feel the sensation move from the bum to the pelvic floor. That feeling gets stronger after using innovo for a few weeks. I won’t be showing you innovo on my bum (you are welcome) so here’s a graphic to get you an idea of how it fits.


I started using innovo a little over four months ago. It’s best to use innovo five days a week for 30 minutes each time, most weeks. I had weeks where there was so much going on I just didn’t get to it five times & that didn’t seem to negatively affect my progress. I tweet or catch up on Cuddle Fairy’s social media during that half hour. Little did you know what I was up to when tweeting! ha!

I found standing with innovo on to be the most comfortable but laying back on the couch is another option. I would fit innovo under my maxi dress if I was wearing one. If not, I’d take off my trousers & put on my robe so my bum wasn’t sticking out for a half-hour.

Before starting innovotherapy, if I had to pee, I had to go right away. I had a strong sense of urgency. Thankfully I did not have any leaks but at the same time, there was no waiting around to pee. If I woke up in the night or early in the morning, I’d have to get up for the toilet. Now, the sense of urgency is greatly reduced. I’m able to fall back asleep without needing to get up for the toilet & there isn’t the panic to run to the toilet during the day.

So, what comes in the box? You get two pads which wrap around either thigh. Inside both pads are sticky pads that adhere to your thighs. They are quite sticky but don’t leave any residue, which is great! There’s the controller which attaches to the pads via four wires. The controller comes with a charger & a band that you can leave around your neck so you don’t have to hold it in your hand. There’s also an easy to follow instruction manual & quick start guide.


The controller is very easy to use & easy to adjust the intensity of the pulses up or down with a simple touch of the buttons. Be sure to charge the controller before the first use. It automatically sets for a half-hour & counts down so you can see how much time is left for the session. The image on the left is showing I have 10 minutes remaining & the image on the right shows the pulse intensity is 42 when I press the controller buttons up or down.


If you are interested in seeing innovo in action, this video from innovo’s website shows how to fit innovo & how innovo works.

I would highly recommend innovo based on my personal experience in it improving my sense of urgency. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact innovo. The customer service for innovo is extremely helpful & kind. With offices in Castlebar & Galway it’s easy to get through to them to ask questions & get advice when setting innovo up for the first time.

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