innovo Restore the Floor Review

*collaborative post

I’m excited to share a product with you that I’ve been using for the past four months called innovo. Innovotherapy is a non-invasive way of restoring the pelvic floor. Many women suffer from leaks after having a child or two or three… There are other causes such as menopause & it’s not just women who suffer from this problem. 1 in 10 men are affected by urinary leaks.

Innovotherapy sends impulses through pads attached to the thighs & bum to activate the muscles in the pelvic floor & calm the bladder. Innovotherapy treats the primary cause of urinary leaks rather than just masking the symptoms. Using a handheld controller that is attached to a two-part garment, Innovotherapy sends targeted impulses via a set of conductive pads (attached to your upper thigh and buttocks) to safely and effectively activate all the muscles of the pelvic floor or to calm your bladder. This is what the pads & controller looks like.