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Introducing Hey Diddle Diddle

*collaborative post.

I’m really excited to introduce some gorgeous, calming & peaceful music by keyboard artist & composer, Joey Curtin. Joey has a gorgeous new CD available called Hey Diddle Diddle. This short album was created to capture the attention of little ones ages 1-5 & lull them into a nap, quiet time or bedtime. Joey collaborated with vocalist Jackie Hackett to create a sweet, dreamy sound that would also be pleasant for parents to listen to!

When Joey contacted me about featuring her music, the first thing I did was listen to her album. I was instantly captured by the peaceful & flowing rhythm of her songs. My personal favorite from the Hey Diddle Diddle album is Wind is Blowin’. It’s such a beautiful song that makes me sway back & forth when I listen to it. And, there wasn’t a stir from my three kiddies when the album played. They thoroughly relaxed & enjoyed the rhythm.


Joey Curtin is a keyboard artist & composer who started her musical career in San Fransisco. Joey’s music has been called “healing” & she has written curriculum for a kindergarten class that was based on brain stimulation through music, movement & rhyme. It’d be wonderful if every school adopted that type of curriculum. I was impressed to read that in Northern Ireland, her music has been part of Peace and Reconciliation meetings. You can read up more about Joey & her music over on her website.

Hey Diddle Diddle can be found on Spotify, Pandora, Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunesGoogle Play & CD Baby. Her music is available in the US, UK & Ireland. So if any of the above links don’t bring you to your country’s site, simply switch over & type Hey Diddle Diddle to find the album.

Joey also has soothing & uplighting instrumental music for adults available for download on all of the same streaming services listed above. Simply search for Joey Curtin. Here’s a sample of Joey’s beautiful cover of one of my all time favourite songs, Yellow by Cold Play.

I’m really happy to have discovered Joey’s music & so are my kiddies. We are thoroughly enjoying it & I hope you enjoy it too!


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