Language Update

I’m really excited to share my 2-year-old daughter’s language update with you! Back in May I wrote a post about encouraging language at home. It lays out our daily routine & what I do to help our daughter learn to speak. Our son had a speech delay so I used what I learned teaching him with our daughter.

Happily, she has had a language explosion! The frustration she used to have when she wanted something but couldn’t ask is 90% gone! She is confident, happy & very expressive. She strings up to 5 words together to create sentences & she’s very good at copying what’s said to her.

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted for everyone in the house. To have our daughter able to interact with us & her brothers is such a gift. I love watching the 3 kiddies playing now because they are all involved in the game.

With her new found talking has come a lot of opinions & a lot of laughs. As I said, she’s great at copying & has picked up some choice expressions. Here are some of her favorite things to say:

language update 1

She is some ticket & makes her point very well. Unfortunately, if anyone goes to the bathroom she assumes they are pooing & tells everyone. It was funny at first, but this has transferred to public places where it’s not so funny. lol

How old was your child when they spoke? Do they have any cute sayings?

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