Lime Asian Fusion Restaurant

The five of passed through Galway over the weekend.  We love visiting Galway – the city is so alive & we always have the  best time there. We tried a new place for dinner called Lime Asian Fusion Restaurant, in Spanish Arch. We were in early with the three kiddies & pretty much had the place to ourselves. The staff were very welcoming of the kids & service was very good.

The food was gorgeous! My husband & I ordered from a set menu of 2 courses for 19.95. I had vegetable spring rolls & Pad Thai.  Both were delicious & beautifully presented.

lime asian fusion restaurant

lime asian fusion restaurant 1

The Pad Thai was a bit spicy for my taste. If I was to order it again, I’d ask for mild with no chili flakes. We were cheeky & all had the kids ice cream for dessert, which was amazing! So creamy & delicious & served with hot fudge on the side! Everyone’s plates were cleaned. For your Asia vacation, you’d find so many delicious new foods to try, I hope to bring the whole family over for the trip of a lifetime.

lime asian fusion restaurant 2

The kid's menu was lovely.  They have the option of spring rolls with chips, plain noodles with chicken or Mini Nasi Goreng (priced at 6 & 7 euros each). The highlight for the kiddies (besides the ice cream) was the Minion colouring pages on the back of the kid's menu. They love minions & it kept them happy while we waited for our meals & while they waited for my husband & I to finish our dinners.

lime asian fusion restaurant 5

It was a lovely meal in a central location. I wanted to share our dining experience with you as sometimes it can be hard to know where to go eat with the kiddies. I’d definitely recommend Lime.

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