My Favorite Harvey Specter Quotes

Until recently, I had never heard of Harvey Specter – shocking, I know! We only entered the wonderful world of Netflix this past May. My Godparents who are seasoned Netflix pros were here visiting & they shared some of their favourite Netflix shows with us during their visit, one of which was Suits.

Suits really captured my & my husband’s interest. So I’ll be honest, we binge-watched them & flew through the 6 glorious seasons. If you haven’t seen Suits before and are looking to start a new series, I highly recommend it. It’s fast-paced, funny, romantic, tense – everything you could want – rolled up into one fabulous package. Plus it’s set in NYC – what’s not to love!?

For those of you who haven’t seen Suits before, Harvey Specter is the main man – he’s a very successful NYC lawyer who’s all about winning. But he also has a soft side and a great sense of humour. Harvey is the master of one-liners. Every episode he says a line that is just perfection!

Here are some of my favourite Harvey Specter quotes…