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My First YouTube Video! Edited on Filmora

*collaborative post

I created a YouTube channel for Cuddle Fairy not long ago. I have a few iPhone videos thrown on there but I hadn’t created a real video yet. So, I was really delighted when Filmora contacted me about a collaboration. Their video editing software is so easy to use! Even for a YouTube novice like me.

Wondershare is a global leading software provider of easy to use, affordable & secure consumer software, including the Filmora video editor tool. Founded in 2003, they already have more than 50,000,000 people using the Wondershare software.

Some key points about Filmora

1. Filmora is a very easy-to-use editor for anyone, especially for Vloggers and YouTubers.

2. You can incorporate over 100 visual effects including picture in picture, green screen, mosaic, tilt-shift & split screen.

3. Royalty Free Music to create the mood for your video.

4. Support editing and making GIF images.

5. Built-in audio mixer and equalizer for you to better adjust the audio.

6. Lots of text, overlays, filter & transition options to make your video look professional.

My experience editing with Filmora

I found the drag & drop process very easy to use. You start by dragging & dropping your video & photos into the media folder. Then you place them in whatever order you like. To change the order something appears, simply grab that item & drag it over to where you want.

The same technique goes for adding text, music & effects. It’s really user-friendly & easy. I enjoyed the process of making a video. I choose to make my first Filmora edited video about the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards I attended last Friday in Dublin.

I had such a great day out & am excited to share it with you in video format. I hope you enjoy it!

I love the way the text, music & filters made my video pop & come to life in an exciting way. I look forward to making my next video with Filmora as I’m sure I will learn more & get better results each time. So stay tuned for more from Cuddle Fairy on YouTube!

Let me know what you think of my first YouTube video in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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