My Interview With Santa Claus

I am really thrilled to share my interview with Santa Claus with you!! Yes, I actually have managed an interview with the big man himself!

During the build up to Christmas, our kiddies always have so many questions about Santa & how his operation works. This year, our boys aged 8 & 6 compiled a list of questions for Santa to answer. After some googling, I managed to get a contact email for Santa & sent him our questions. We are thrilled that he replied with his answers.

Without further ado, here is my interview with Santa Claus:

1.  Santa, where is the North Pole? Is there ice there? Do animals live there?

The North Pole is at the very top of the world. It is covered in ice & snow! Some of the animals that live there are reindeer, polar bear, arctic fox, walrus, & moose. They are very hearty animals & they are used to the cold weather.

my interview with santa 7

2.  Santa, how do you get the toys from the shop that you can’t make? 

The elves make most of the toys I deliver on Christmas. Some of the name brand items we can’t make here so we buy them from suppliers. Santa has agreements with different companies to buy toys in bulk – that means lots & lots of toys. So, I can buy them at a very good discount!

3.  Santa, how do you go down the chimney & not get burned?

Ho-ho-ho that’s where Christmas magic comes in! Nothing in my operation would work without Christmas magic. I stand at the top of the chimney & sprinkle some Christmas magic dust then poof! I am inside the house, safe & sound!

my interview with santa 10

4.  How do you find everyone’s house Santa?

The reindeers have an amazing sense of direction. Rudolph leads the team with his red nose so we can see where we are going. We visit each town, one at a time & are certain to stop at every house that has children who are celebrating Christmas.

5.  How are you so quiet Santa?

As you well know, it’s not easy being quiet. The reindeer train during the year & have perfected their landing so there’s minimal impact with the roof. This way we don’t make a big clatter when we land! I walk around your house carefully as to not wake anyone up.

my interview with santa 1

6.  How do you deliver all of those toys in one night Santa?

Santa & the elves have carefully studied the space-time continuum. It’s very hard to explain; basically we have mastered a way of moving against time. It kind of slows time down & we are able to get around very quickly in one night. You can follow my sleigh & where we are on Christmas eve night by using the NORAD Santa Tracker. You will see how quickly we are able to move!

7.  Santa, how do you fit the big toys into the sack?

This is another time when Christmas magic comes into play! The toys are magically shrunk into small sizes. When I get into the house & take out the toys, they expand to their proper size.

8.  How do you get the big toys down the chimney Santa?

You are right, the big toys would never fit down the chimney without Christmas magic. Christmas magic shrinks myself & all of the presents so we can fit down the chimney.

my interview with santa 11

9.  How do you get in a house with no chimney Santa?

When we first started delivering presents, every house had a chimney. Now, many houses & apartments don’t have a chimney. The elves solved this problem by crafting a universal key that allows me to enter any house. I prefer to go down the chimney because it’s so much fun! But, if there is no chimney then I use the key.

10. Santa, how do you eat all of the cookies & milk?

Delivering toys is so much work & I get really hungry! I don’t always eat the whole snack that’s left out for me. Sometimes I just have a bite of the treat & a sip of the drink.

my interview with santa 4

11. What’s your favorite snack & drink that children leave out for you Santa?

Oh, I love every snack that’s left out for me because I know the children who left it there made it out of kindness & love. I really enjoy tasting the different foods & drinks in each country. Did you know that children in each country leave different snacks for me & the reindeer?

In the U.K & Ireland, the children often leave me a mince pie. Sometimes I get a Guinness or glass of sherry. In America, the children leave me cookies & milk. In Denmark, I’m left rice pudding. In Chilie, children leave me a slice of pan de pascua which is a sponge cake with ginger, honey & dried fruit. In some countries, the children don’t leave me a snack, instead they leave water, carrots & hay for the reindeer.

12. Do the reindeer like anything besides carrots?

Oh yes, the reindeer love all different vegetables & fruits too like berries & apples. They always appreciate it when children leave a snack for them.

my interview with santa 5

13. Santa, what’s your favorite dinner, drink & dessert?

Santa loves his dinners, it’d be very hard for me to choose just one. I love roast beef with mash potato & veg & spaghetti & meatballs the best. I love all desserts, especially brownies & cookies. My favorite drink is hot chocolate. Mrs. Claus always makes me a cup of hot chocolate when I return to the North Pole after deliving all of the Christmas gifts.

14. What are the elves’ favorite toys to make Santa?

The elves love to make toys & they look forward to it every year! They each specialize in a type of toy production. For example, if an elf trains in bike making then he will make bikes that Christmas. Some elves test the toys to make sure they are working properly. There are a lot of different jobs for elves at the North Pole.

my interview with santa 6

15. Santa, how do you figure out who should be on the good & naughty lists?

The scout elves are in charge of that. They travel around to every house & peek in the window to see if the children are behaving. They will check several times during the year. They report back to me with who should be added to the naughty list & who should go on the good list.

16. Santa, when all of the work is done, do the elves play in the snow? 

Ho-ho-ho Yes! The elves love to play in the snow! It is their favorite thing to do when they aren’t making toys. They love to have snowball fights with each other & they are excellent at making snowballs! They can make them super fast.

17. Santa, are you busy at Halloween?

Santa is very busy at Halloween making toys & getting prepared for Christmas. From Halloween until Christmas day is our busiest time of the year.

my interview with santa 12

18. How do you make all of the toys Santa?

Elves are really amazing. They can do things so much faster than I or Mrs. Claus ever could. An elf could easily make a 1,000 toys a day. That’s how we are able to make so many. They are very fast & hard workers.

19. Do you pay the elves for doing their work Santa?

Because we give away the toys for free, we don’t have enough money to pay the elves. But, the elves live at the North Pole with us year round & they don’t need money because their houses, food & anything else they need is taken care of.

Do keep in mind that the elves love to make toys & they don’t think of it as a job. It’s their favorite thing to do. The reason they love making toys is because they know that the toy they make will be given to a child to open on Christmas morning. It makes the elves so happy that the toys will be loved & appreciated!

my interview with santa 9