My Updated Wardrobe

I’m super excited to tell you about my updated wardrobe! Since having kids, I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing comfy clothes around the house – hoodies, loose trousers/pants… basically choosing clothes for comfort over style. I don’t feel great about how I look in them & I’ve been wanting to change my daytime clothing for a long time but kept waiting to lose weight or for this or that to happen. For the record, I am still big into my shoes & handbags & usually wear a dress if I’m out & about. But, around the house, fashion has gone out the window.

We had a last minute night away last week & I stumbled upon some sales. It was so nice to shop! My husband & the boys looked around a DIY store while my daughter & I went into some clothing shops. There were amazing sales on & I started trying clothing on & things were fitting great. It was glorious! I can’t remember the last time I went shopping for myself.

I decided to focus on long tops & cardigans to wear with leggings. This way I could mix & match & still be comfortable around the house. But, I could also wear the outfits to town & feel good about myself & the way I look. I also found two new dresses! Here are some of my new outfits.