No Complaints Challenge

A year & a half ago I took the 24-hour no complaints challenge with a group of Twitter buddies. It was an amazing experience! It’s a simple sounding challenge – don’t complain for 24 hours. But, it made me realize how many times I “complain” in a day.

I took the definition of “complaint” to encompass obvious complaining & also negative thinking or speaking about someone or something. Before the challenge, I considered myself to be a positive person.  During the challenge, I realized that I thought & said a fair amount of negative things. I stopped the negative thoughts in their tracks & didn’t complain once during the 24 hours. I felt like a new person was born. I had chosen positivity, positive thoughts, positive speaking & positive actions.

No Complaints Challenge 1

My Twitter friends & I supported each other with inspiring, uplighting & supportive tweets. We all found the challenge rewarding & wanted to carry on for another day, then another & another. After a few days, it got more difficult as life’s dramas cropped up. I realized that it’s unrealistic to live forever without having a negative thing to say at some stage. I haven’t been able to keep the challenge going long term but it has changed my whole outlook. It helped make me more positive & realize how I can control my thoughts & words.

No Complaints challenge 2

The no complaints challenge taught me the amazing benefits of positive thinking. And, how good it can make you feel! I’d like to have another 24-hour challenge & would love for you to join me! Are you up for it? Tuesday January 19th will be my #nocomplaints day – no complaining or criticizing. Share your #nocomplaints with me on Twitter, @CuddleFairy & we can support each other.

Update: The #nocomplaints challenge was a great success with 30 people joining me. If you’d like to join us in the next one, leave your Twitter handle in the comments or send me a tweet. 

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