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7 Ways to Cope with Anxious Thoughts and Find Your Zen

Anxiety ranks as one of the top mental health concerns globally. In March 2023, about 31.5% of people in New York said they were feeling mentally unwell. This number hasn't changed much since May 2021, when 32% reported feeling the same way. 

The symptoms can range from nervousness and agitation to physical signs like a racing heart and chest pain. At times, it may even stem from other health issues, such as an overactive thyroid, making an accurate diagnosis crucial for effective treatment. 

So, in this article, we have combined a variety of natural and tested solutions that offer relief and support for those affected. If you also find yourself in one of these, then read on!

Go For Professional Treatment

Therapy provides a way to explore the reasons behind your anxiety, identify triggers that may intensify it, and address any significant concerns or past traumas. In fact, therapists in nyc opine that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for anxiety. It helps you see how your thoughts, feelings, and actions are connected. 

So, remember, you don’t need to suffer in silence. Instead, you can always consult a professional therapist, share your concerns with them, and become the better version of yourself. 

Not only that, but it would also help you acknowledge that asking for help reflects strength, not a lack of it.


Studies show that exercise can greatly reduce anxiety, particularly through high-intensity workouts like lunges, jumping jacks, squat jumps, and burpees. These activities help lower cortisol levels, increase endorphins, and regulate the autonomic nervous system, all of which contribute to easing anxiety.

Whether you're dealing with everyday stress or specific challenges, adding exercise to your daily routine can be a helpful way to manage anxiety effectively.


Meditation can be a powerful tool for calming your mind, especially when thoughts seem to be running a marathon. This exercise makes stress easy to handle. 

There are many ways to meditate, including mindfulness, which helps you stay focused on the present, and yoga, which combines meditation with physical exercise.

Each style offers its own pathway to peace, making meditation a versatile and effective approach to easing your mind.

Using an online course about mindset can help you to take control over anxious thoughts and further support your meditation practise.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas are not just warm and comforting beverages; many also offer the promise of reducing anxiety and improving sleep. The act of brewing and sipping tea itself can be a soothing ritual for many people. 

Beyond this comforting process, certain herbal teas like lavender tea or peppermint tea contain ingredients that can directly influence the brain, leading to a decrease in stress. 

With the calming properties of peppermint and the stress-relieving effects of lavender, herbal teas can serve as a gentle, natural way to ease your mind and body.

Time with animals

Spending time with animals can bring a lot of joy, comfort, and companionship into your life. Pets, whether they're cuddly cats, loyal dogs, or other small mammals, offer unconditional love and support that can be incredibly soothing. 

For those who love animals but struggle with allergies, there's good news: your companion doesn't need to have fur to make a positive impact on your well-being.

Pets of all kinds, furry or not, can provide significant emotional support and enrich your life in numerous ways.

Aromatherapy and Gemstones

Engaging in aromatherapy by inhaling soothing plant essential oils can be a natural way to alleviate stress and anxiety. Experimenting with various scents allows you to discover which ones have the most calming effect on you.

Research suggests that lavender, in particular, may offer significant benefits in reducing anxiety levels. So, give this method a try whenever you are feeling depressed or low. 

Having gemstones around the house or on your body brings a positive vibe and clears away the negative ones. There are so many benefits to gemstones including releasing anxious thoughts. Rhyolite in particular is amazing for relieving stress and anxiety while boosting confidence and self-worth.

Time management strategies

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed as a mum because you have too much to do is quite normal. You're not the only one. Trying to manage family, work, and health all at once can make many people feel anxious. Making a clear plan for your next steps can really help lower your stress as well as gathering tips for overwhelmed mums.

Mastering effective time management strategies is a proven way to reduce anxiety. Breaking down big projects into smaller, more manageable steps is one strategy that can significantly ease the pressure. 

This approach not only makes tasks seem more achievable but also reduces stress, allowing you to tackle each step with more confidence and less worry.

Quick Recap 

If you don't take care of tension, it can get worse and add more stress to your life. The good news is that there are many ways to treat anxiety, like therapy, natural remedies, changing your daily habits, and medicine. You might need to try different things to see what works best for you. It's important to talk to a doctor to find the right treatment. With the right help, you can manage your concerns and find peace.

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