Nutty Putty Review

A perk of blogging is getting to connect with brands & try out fun new products! Nutty Putty followed me on Twitter a couple weeks ago & it brought me right back to my childhood. I used to love playing with Nutty Putty! We were sent their 8 color box to try for ourselves. I have to say that it has really improved since I was little.

Nutty Putty is a thick dough that you can form into shapes. It’s unlike playdough because little pieces don’t come off & it’s a firmer material. When you are happy with your designs, you bake them in the oven for 10 minutes. The baking transforms your creation into a rubbery toy!

Each Nutty Putty color comes in its own packet. The 8 color set comes with 8 different colors, one of which glows in the dark. It also comes with an instruction card that shows you how to make some things & the card can also be used as a mat to create on. The set also includes 6 shape cutters, a rolling pin, two cutting tools & a baking sheet.

nutty putty review 2

We love to get creative & the kids LOVED using the nutty putty. I have an old tablecloth that we use for crafts so we put that down & got to work. My boys who are 6 & soon to be 9 both made a few items from the instruction card. They were able to make them completely on their own. My daughter who just turned 3 made her own creations & I helped her make a purple glow bunny.

nutty putty review 5

All three of the kiddies really enjoyed the process. We used up all of the Nutty Putty in one go. We found it easy & fun to use. They got creative & made all sorts of things. After they were done creating, it was time to bake! You place the items on the baking sheet provided & bake in the oven for 10 minutes.

nutty putty review 3

Ready for the oven (the red items are our daughter’s creations).

There were two slight downsides to the Nutty Putty. First, the amount of black is very small compared other colors so we had a ration system in place. The other issue was the baking sheet provided is very small. I thought I could substitute baking paper (as shown in the above photo) but the Nutty Putty stuck to it after baking. I was able to get the creations free but it’s best to use the paper provided – it’s just small & takes several baking rounds to get everything set. But, it was well worth the effort as the finished products were amazing!

nutty putty review 4

The creations after baking.

The creations turn into rubbery toys after baking. The kids spent hours playing games with their new toys. The Nutty Putty was good for an hour of creating & then hours of playing. I’d recommend it to anyone with kids & I enjoyed it myself too. It was easy to clean up & provided hours of entertainment for the kids on a day off school. Find out more on the Nutty Putty website.


I’m delighted to host a giveaway for Nutty Putty! TWO lucky winners will be selected. Each winner will receive an 8 Colour Nutty Putty Set (same as the one above). The giveaway is open worldwide. It closes at midnight GMT on 28 March 2016. The winners will be chosen at random by the Gleam app below & will be notified by email.

To enter the giveaway simply choose from the following options. You may choose as many as you like & may send a tweet every day. Good Luck! 

Disclosure: I was sent the Nutty Putty for purposes of this review. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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