Our Summer 2017

I really can’t believe I’m writing this post already! It feels like only a couple of weeks ago that I wrote about our summer plans. And now the summer is over! The kids are back to school!! They started back last week.

This is the first time since having my first baby 10 & 1/2 years ago, that I have had no one at home with me. Our youngest is attending Montessori school this year, five days a week. It’s just for the mornings but it’s strange to not have anyone else in the house.

I am hoping to use my newly found quiet time for concentrated blog work. It feels weird to work without getting snacks & puzzles and things out in between! But I’m sure I’ll get used to it! 😉

What we Got up To

Our summer was really lovely – we had a quiet summer at home. The kids played outside, we did some fun local activities, visited friends & family and watched Gaelic Football on TV. For non-Irish followers, Gaelic Football is an Irish sport and each county has a team to cheer for.

We had one weekend away to Limerick which was a blast – we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Radisson Blu & our time visiting Limerick City & Lough Gur. Lough Gur is a lake outside Limerick City that people have lived next to for over 6,000 years. I am still thinking about our visit there, it captured my heart! I have a full blog post with some videos embedded in it you can see here.

We had a fabulous day at Mulranny Beach – it’s the ideal beach for kiddies to enjoy because it’s shallow. The sand comes up to meet grass & there are sheep who casually graze while the kids run around & splash. Watch my Mulranny Beach YouTube Video to see this beautiful West of Ireland beach.

The three kiddies have grown so much this summer. Physically – they have shot up & we did a back to school clothes shopping for all of them. But I also see growth emotionally & mentally too. They are such great kids, they were a pleasure to bring shopping & to have around the house. I feel really blessed with the happy & calm summer we enjoyed together.

On the Blog Front

On the blog front, I took on two new Blogger Ambassador roles! Up to now, the only company I have worked with as an ambassador has been Hasbro Toys as part of their Toy Tribe. I was thrilled to announce my new ambassador role with Lottie Dolls back in July. We love Lottie because of the positive example she sets for children. Lottie is based on real children & is a wonderful role model.

Lottie Dolls ambassador

And just last week I was accepted into the Irish Netflix Stream Team! WooHoo! We upgraded our telly to a Smart TV back in May, which allowed us to download Netflix for the first time. So I have been using Netflix for the past three months. I was immediately hooked on Netflix & still LOVE it! Let me count the ways…

  1. No ads

  2. Custom menus for each member of the house or one for kids and one for adults – which means the kids can go into the children menu & have all child-friendly viewing at their finger tips. Hence not seeing what the adults are watching.

  3. Full series available to binge watch – we watched Suits from beginning to end. I am a Suits addict now & am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Season 7 to Ireland!

  4. Netflix keeps track of your watching so when you come back, you can start an episode right where you left off.

  5. The menus are super easy to use & navigate.

  6. Netflix works smoothly unlike other streaming systems I have tried.

Netflix Stream Team

You will now see these shiny new badges on my sidebar. As my role as Lottie Ambassador, I’ll be sharing the latest Lottie Dolls with you through reviews & giveaways. As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I’ll be sharing with you what we are watching & Netflix News! I receive complimentary Netflix & Lottie Dolls as part of my role as Ambassador so I can pass on my reviews & suggestions to you.

After a fun and productive summer I’m sad to see the kids go back to school. I really do love to have them at home. But at the same time I know all good things must come to an end. If they stayed home forever they’d get bored and it wouldn’t be fun times anymore. I think getting back to routine will be great for all of us.

How was your summer? x

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