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GPS Tracker Review - PAJ Easy Finder 4G

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PAJ GPS is a leading European brand in the field of GPS trackers. They were established in Germany and have customers in over 100 countries around the world.

A PAJ GPS tracker allows you to track the real-time location of a person, vehicle or object. This allows you to prevent theft, plan routes better or simply protect your loved ones. The various alarm functions also help you to react quickly in an emergency.

I have never owned or used a GPS tracker so I am very happy to work with PAJ GPS to try and review their Easy Finder 4G.

In a nutshell, a GPS tracker works by using satellites to determine its location which is then sent to your app. So you can track the movements of the GPS unit in real time! Read on for my full review.

Advantages of GPS Trackers

It is truly amazing to see the huge list of capabilities that PAJ GPS Trackers have! Because they link to an app, you can check at any stage, the location of the tracker. You can also receive alerts and set virtual safety zones.

Here is a more in-depth list of the amazing advantages of having a GPS tracker.

Functions of a PAJ GPS Tracker

  • There is coverage in 100 countries allowing you to travel safely, knowing where your vehicle or loved ones are at any time.

  • Real-time coverage on the PAJ GPS Tracker App.

  • All routes that the tracker takes are recorded and stored for 100 days. So you can go back over any route in detail.

  • The trackers have a button you can press to trigger an alarm to ensure even better protection. If an alarm gets triggered, you receive a push notification on your mobile phone with the location information.

  • You can set up security zones that if they are left, the GPS tracker warns you immediately.

Types of GPS Trackers from PAJ GPS

There is quite an extensive variety of GPS Trackers from PAJ. They have various functions, battery life and purposes depending on who or what you are aiming to project. The trackers are divided by the purpose you would like them for.

Applications for a GPS Tracker

  • Cars, vintage cars, caravans

  • Taxis, trucks, tracking for packages and delivery services

  • Track commercial vehicles and farm machinery

  • People including children and seniors

  • Pets including dogs, cats, bee equipment, horses

  • Further applications include boats, valuable equipment, containers, tools

PAJ Easy Finder 4G GPS Tracker Unboxing

Included in the box is the PAJ Easy Finder 4G tracker itself, a carry case and a lanyard that can be attached if desired. It also comes with a USB charging cord and a European plug. There is a clear instruction manual written in Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese as well as a quick start page to get you going straight away.

It is very well presented and well protected in the box. Have a look at what comes in the box...

How to Use It

The PAJ Easy Finder 4G determines its position by using satellites and sends the location information to the finder portal. The position of the tracker can be checked at anytime online, and alert settings can also be turned on.

I tested the alarm feature, you simply hold the button for 5 seconds which triggers an alert on the app. You can see below what the notification looks like within the app and how it provides the location. I have blocked out the GPS coordinates.

It is very simple to activate an account online, download the app and sync your tracker to the portal. From there, the portal will show you, in real-time, the location of your tracking device. It was fun to look back over everywhere that we drove around, and it marks each location where we stopped on the map as well.

You will receive alerts to your phone if the alarm is pressed and you can go back over the location history which is saved for 100 days. There is a small monthly or yearly fee to activate the portal subscription and all of the tracking functions.

Final Thoughts

I'm very impressed with the PAJ Easy Finder 4G. It is very easy to set up and super easy to use. The App and online portal is very intuitive and clear to use. The tracker itself is tidy, small and lightweight. The packaging and materials that came with it are also very clear and easy to understand.

The GPS trackers are multifunctional from keeping children safe to being a car tracking device and much more! It will make our travels safer! I'm really happy with the tracker I received from PAJ, you can learn more about them over on the PAJ website!

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