Partying with illoom LED balloons

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Illooms are the world’s first LED latex balloons. They contain an integrated LED that lights up inside the balloon and makes the balloon glow. There are illooms for every occasion. From gold and silver for dressy parties like NYE to unicorns and birthday girl balloons or alien shaped balloons, there really is one for everyone and every type of party.

You can simply inflate them and let the kids enjoy or else you can attach them to a balloon stick for the kids to hold as a magical wand or attach them to the ceiling so they look like the night sky. You can get creative and really make your party pop with these balloons.

Little Miss turned 7 last week and illoom sent us a variety of their balloons to use for her party. We were sent:

  1. Mixed

  2. Stars

  3. Birthday Girl

  4. Marble

We had her birthday party at home. I always think it’s important to have planned activities for a home party so that’s what we did. We had party games, a treasure hunt and an illoom disco. The party was a big hit, the kids had a blast and the disco went down so well. I made the playroom dark and we had loads of illooms and music going and everyone danced and threw the balloons around. It was super simple yet effective entertainment.

How illooms work

The illooms are simple to use. You hold the top of the balloon (where the LED is) and then pull a tab out of the balloon neck. That activates the light. Then you blow up the balloon as usual.

In the photos below I will blow up one of the marble illooms we were sent so you can see the process. Notice the pull tab and how the LED is activated once I pull that out.

The packaging says the light lasts for 15 hours but we found that the light in most of them lasted for a few days which was an exciting and fun surprise. The kids had them up in their rooms like night lights after the party.

Our illooms party

As I said, the kids had an absolute blast! The balloons held up to the throws, kicks and general tomfoolery of the light-up disco party. We had one very happy birthday girl and very happy friends. Each child got to take home an illoom LED balloon along with a treat bag which was a big hit with everyone. The photos don’t accurately reflect how lovely the illooms looked but they will give you an idea of how they glow, and how very happy the birthday girl was!


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