Planning your family holiday to see the Northern Lights

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If you are looking for a special family holiday that’s different from the usual sun holiday or city break, look no further than a trip to see the Northern Lights. If you are unfamiliar with the Northern Lights, I will tell you a bit about them and some tips for planning your family holiday.

What are the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights are caused when protons and electrons stream out from solar winds and come into contact with Earth’s magnetic field. The electrons are attracted to the poles because of their magnetic fields. The particles are charged and they move in spirals along the magnetic field lines and mix with gases in the atmosphere, causing the gases to glow.

The Northern Lights are known as ‘Aurora Borealis in the north. Aurora was the Roman goddess of dawn and Boreas is the Greek name for the north wind.

Throughout history, many legends have been formed about the Northern Lights. The Vikings thought the Northern Lights were caused by shiny immortal warrior swords. The Alaskan Inuit people believed the lights were the souls of salmon, deer and other animals. The Menominee Indians thought the lights were the torches of giants living in the North.