Preparing for Easter holidays & a little blog break

Is it just me or is 2017 flying by at rapid speed!? I can’t believe it’s nearly Easter already! March was a crazy busy month with Cuddle Fairy turning 2-years-old. I had so many giveaways & my first Facebook live to celebrate. I can feel some blogger burnout creeping in & have decided to slow things down on the blog front for the Easter holidays.

Fighting Blogger Burnout

Last year I wrote a post after the Easter holidays called Does being a parent blogger take away from parenting? I had mixed feelings about not taking off more time than I did when the kids were home from school for Easter. And I had some guilt about it too.

In the end, I feel like blogging benefits everyone because it’s something I love to do & it provides some great opportunities for us. But at the same time, I want to spend some quality time with the kids over the holidays.

I won’t be totally gone over Easter – I’ll have the odd blog post up over the next two weeks & will be on social media. But my two linkys will be on a break & I’ll be taking a break from blogger Facebook groups as well. I am hoping this break will rejuvenate me!

I’m off on an adventure!

One of my besties, Ann Marie, is coming home from Australia. It’s her first time coming back in 3 years! I’m so over excited to see her it’s not even funny. I’m heading to Dublin to meet her & her new fiance with some of our friends – including my former intern, Tom, this Friday ( 7 April). Keep an eye on Cuddle Fairy’s social media for updates about our road trip, reunion & fun day out!

ann marie

It’s supposed to be sunny over the weekend, which makes it all the more fun. I’ll update Twitter, Facebook & Snapchat (CuddleFairy1) throughout the day. It’s not often I head off on my own anywhere & to head off with best friends to see another best friend who we haven’t seen in so long has my heart filled with joy.

Now to decide the big question – what to wear???

Getting ready for Easter

I love Easter holidays – they always seem to be really needed by the time they come around & this year is no exception. It’s going to be wonderful to have a break from routine & homework.

Every year we enjoy an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt on Easter day. It’s fun for the whole family & stretches out finding the chocolates from the Easter Bunny too.

I wish you a wonderful Easter holiday! xx

Cuddle Fairy will be back in full swing at the end of the month but do keep an eye on my social media for my fun reunion with Ann Marie & our adventures over Easter holidays.

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