Preserving our Memories with Photobooks from

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Since things have become super digital, I've found myself printing photos much less than I used to. The downside to that is, it is much nicer to flip through memories in a book than on a phone.

Photo books are my all-time favourite way to preserve our family memories. For me, there is nothing like printed photos. But, traditional printed photos can get damaged with fingers, or get curled up on the edges. The beauty of a photo book is that you have your beautifully printed photos on paper that is easy to turn and which stays looking great.

I worked with last year and created some beautiful canvases, the full blog post is here. I was really delighted when they got back in touch with me, to make some photo books.

I was in a great habit of making a photo book each year, in January that was a reflection of the events from the prior year. They are a lovely way to look back over family memories and see the kids grow.

I have fallen badly behind on my photo books and the last