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Quote of the Week 31

Welcome to my quote of the week 31 with Candid Cuddles quotes linky. I’m in the Christmas mood today!! I’ve been excited for Christmas for the past month being honest. We visited Santa last weekend at Westport House & it was an amazing day for the family. That’s me & Santa above!

Yesterday we put up our tree & decorated the house. Christmas is such a magical time of year. I love it!

Our daughter is 2, turning 3 in the new year & this Christmas she is so tuned into what’s going on. She’s singing Jingle Bells & talking about Santa. It’s precious & adorable to see.

Our Elf (on the shelf) Jingle Bells arrived back this weekend too. He brought the kids a book called Father Christmas needs a Wee. It’s really cute & helps teach counting. Here’s a youtube clip of a child reading the book, it’s super cute.

quote of the week 31 d

I agree with this quote – it’s what’s in your heart that puts Christmas all around you. What do you think? x

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