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Summer 2016 at a Glance

Ya that’s right – summer 2016 at a glance! I am so far behind on the blog front it’s not even funny. The summer blew by me so fast! I can NOT believe we are back at school & back to homework already.

We thoroughly enjoyed summer holidays. My husband & I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary by visiting Marbella, Spain. I have a few posts on the blog about our trip. If you missed them you can read more about it on these posts:

spanish salad with avocado

I have a post in drafts about my favorite places to eat in the old town Marbella. That will be publishing soon! I didn’t get to finish it before I embarked on my blog break which was badly needed. When I ran out of scheduled posts & social media then that was that for me. I took the final few weeks of the summer holidays to enjoy the kids & get organized for back to school.

Over the summer my son learned some new scooter tricks & we tried out some really cool toys.

For you Candid Cuddlers out there, I’m sorry the break has gone on for much longer than I had intended it to! Candid Cuddles will be back but on a different day. I am looking for a co-hostess if anyone is interested please let me know. I’d like it to be someone who has been linking up with Candid Cuddles 🙂

Candid Cuddles

To celebrate the arrival of Autumn & back to school, I have three fabulous giveaways for you over on my Autumn Giveaways post. Best of luck!! Just to note all of these giveaways are open to UK & Irish residents only.

I know I shouldn’t admit this but this time of year makes me think of Halloween then Thanksgiving then CHRISTMAS! My most favorite holiday & time of year. With that in mind, we booked our place to see the real Santa at Westport House in exchange for a review this year. Read about our experience with Santa at Westport House last year here. We loved it so much that the kids wanted to go back again this year.

Westport House does a beautiful job decorating the house for Christmas. Mrs. Claus & the elves go with Santa so the children get the opportunity to meet everyone & also do some crafts & decorate cookies. This year Westport House has changed to a guided tour. In the past, you wandered the house on your own steam. Now, an elf will bring us around making sure we get to see & do everything without waiting in line! I a quite excited about this as are the kiddies.

I will let you know all about our experience at the end of November, but in the meantime, spaces are limited so if you are interested you can book your place to see Santa on the Westport House website.

santa at westport house 7

So that was our summer – fun, holidays, toys & thinking about Christmas! lol I hope you had a wonderful summer & here’s to a great Autumn. xx

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