My husband & I had an amazing week away in Marbella, Spain. The food & drink there were absolutely gorgeous. I want to share my two fav’s with you today – summer wine & Spanish salads. I sampled salads & wine all over Marbella – for review purposes of course!


Spanish Salads

I discovered the amazing salads on day one! They are fresh, delicious & full of flavour. I had a salad for lunch nearly every day over the holiday. The were light & delicious in the hot weather.

I’ve taken inspiration from the tasty Spanish salads & have been making different versions at home. Some of my favorite ingredients include prawns, goats cheese, avocado, olives, tomatoes & tuna. I also love having some fruit mixed into the salad.

What I learned is that anything can be added to a salad to make it delicious. Don’t be afraid try different meats, fruits & veg! A simple dressing like balsamic & extra virgin olive oil is all you need to top it off. Here are some of my favorite salads from Marbella, Spain…


spanish salad with avocado


spanish salad with goats cheese and apple


spanish salad with goats cheese


cesar salad in marbella spain


On our last day, we got really brave & tried sardines with our salad. I took a bite. They are not for me. The skin, the bones. Just no. My husband was super brave & ate a few of them!


spanish salad with tuna


Summer Wine

For review purposes, I sampled wine on our travels around Marbella. I had white & red wines, sangria & then I discovered something really delicious – summer wine a/k/a vino de verano. It’s so hot in the summer that it makes sense to drink your wine with ice. It’s lovely & refreshing to drink.

Summer wine is simply red wine with ice & lemonade or 7up.

I’m sure it’d also be delicious with white wine. It’s served in a wine glass or a short glass, with a straw. I’ve made it at home & really enjoyed it although it was nicer with an amazing view of the ocean!

The only difference between summer wine & sangria is the lack of fruit & liquor. I found the summer wine nicer to drink than the sangria. Have a look at some of the tasty summer wines & sangria’s I enjoyed in Marbella….


summer wine at hotel fuerte marbellaVino De Verano at our hotel, Fuerte Marbella.


sangria at arco bar


sangria in marbella, spain


Everywhere you go, they put out little snacks when you order a drink. It was amazing!! Here I am trying out a sangria on the beach in Marbella. It was such a lovely place to relax.


summer wine at the beach in marbella


There’s nothing nicer in the hot weather than summer wine & a nice salad! Do you have a favorite summer food & drink?


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