The Best News EVER

We received the best news EVER at our daughter’s last hip appointment at Crumlin Hospital in Dublin. I’m so excited to share this with you – my wonderful readers who have been following our journey.

But first, a little background. Our daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 4 months old & was put into a brace on the day of her diagnosis. I wrote about our experiences in My Baby’s Hip Dysplasia. I talk about how hard it was to manage her in the brace & how it created a physical barrier between us. It was emotional & upsetting.

We have had so many appointments & check ups over the past few years. When our daughter was too old for the brace, her right hip was still a little off where it should be. We were left without any appointments for a year. The plan being to leave her to run & play which would hopefully help her hip right itself the rest of the way.

Worst case scenario was a surgery when she is four or five.When we went back for an x-ray & check up with the doctor, I was so nervous to hear how she was doing.

Our 4-month-old baby in her brace.

We spent the day traveling to & from Dublin & attending the clinics in Crumlin Hospital. For more details about our trips & what I recommend parents pack for going to the hospital, check out Our Days at Crumlin Children’s Hospital. In a nutshell, the hospital is on the other side of the country, which is 7 hours travel time round trip. It makes for a very long & frustrating day of travel & waiting around.

Our recent journey & appointment brought back the memories of all of our trips & worry over the past 2 years. Since her diagnosis, I’ve worried what her life would be like. What would happen if she needs surgery, if she’d walk properly, if she’d have pain in the future…I never went a day without these thoughts.

It’s all been well worth it – the brace, the trips, the journey, the worry – because we received the best news. The news I’ve been hoping & praying we would hear. That our daughter’s hips are perfect! PERFECT! She has been released from the clinic! No more appointments, no more worry. To say this news is a relief is a huge understatement. We are so grateful for the treatment our daughter has received & grateful that she will walk, run, jump, climb & won’t need any surgery.

the best news ever 1

I asked the consultant if there is any chance of regression or future trouble & (knock on wood), she said no. That she hasn’t seen a child our daughter’s age have any future issues. I am tearing up writing this. It was the best news I’ve heard. We couldn’t be happier!!

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