The Flat and the Furious

*this is a collaborative post

Once upon a time, three weeks ago to be exact, the hubby, kiddies & I were off on an adventure to town. It was a crisp, cool & sunny day. We were loaded into the car and heading from shop to shop. We had a long “to do” list but we were enjoying spending the afternoon together & seeing Christmas decorations up in the shops.

Our final stop was for groceries. We were hungry when we went into the store & starving when we came out. We left the shop with our arms full of goodies (it’s never a good idea to shop when hungry), ready to head home and make some lunch. But, it was not to be. To our dismay, the tyre on our car was flat!! Aggrrrrr.

I was very thankful my husband was there because I have no idea where the spare is located in our car. And even if I knew, let’s be honest, I wouldn’t try to change it myself… he’d have gotten a phone call.

Anyway, hubby located the spare wheel and removed our flat one. The glitch was that the spare was only partially full. We put it on and with fingers crossed, hoping we’d make it across the road to the filling station where we could fill it up.

My husband started the car and we willed her along – go on, go on, go on, go on! But again, it was not meant to be. The spare tyre popped off the rim slightly after a few meters. We were stuck. It was time to call the home house for some backup.