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The Food Store Claremorris

In our travels over the weekend, we came across The Food Store Claremorris. Their produce across the store is homemade from quality, local ingredients.

In my house, we are big believers in eating healthy foods with pure ingredients. We avoid all artificial ingredients, colors, flavor enhancers, sweeteners & any other ingredient we don’t recognize. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, then you probably shouldn’t be eating it!

The Food Store Claremorris was right up our ally! We had a wonderful time looking around the shop. The meat, eggs, fruit & veg is locally sourced. They make their own breads & cakes. They also have a deli & smoothie counter. The smoothies are made from real fruit & fruit juices. And, there are lots of other goodies around the shop that are made from wholesome ingredients.

the food store claremorris 2

the food store claremorris 3

the food store claremorris 1

the food store claremorris 4

The highlight for the kiddies was watching the freshly squeezed orange juice machine work. We were lucky enough to see it in action! We bought a bottle to have at home & it was delicious.

the food store claremorris

It’s so nice to have all locally sourced, high-quality food in one location. I wish we had this shop in our local town!

#DaysOut #HealthyEating

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