The Impact of Technology on the Growth of your Child

* collaborative guest post

Remember the good old days of our childhood? We used to spend the majority of our times outdoors playing, bicycling, building castles, playing imaginary games etc. In the past, family time was an essential part of our daily routines. Every day at dinner, we used to interact with our family members and talk about our day. This way the mutual bonding between the parents and their children grew stronger and the physical growth of children was improved.

On the contrary, the children of this century are contained virtually. Many kids are homebound and have no desire for outdoor activities. One of the major factor for this type of behavior among children is the modern family system. Today’s families are completely different. They rely on technology for their everyday tasks. There is less daily family times or frequent outdoor trips. They rely on entertainment technology for their family leisure times. As a result, the sensory and motor development of children and their physical growth suffers a lot. According to a study conducted in 20