Top Tips for Visiting Greece

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Greece is a beautiful country to visit. It’s packed full of history, culture, welcoming people and delicious foods. On our trip to Crete a few years ago, we sampled the most mouth-watering dishes and wine. We learned a lot of amazing things while we are away. Here are some tips for your next trip to Greece so you don’t miss out on all that this gorgeous country has to offer.

Beautiful Coastlines

Make sure to either stay on the coast or take a trip to the coast during your stay. The way the houses and villages are situated along the hills on the coast is unique and so beautiful to see. The all-white and blue architecture is striking against the blue seas.

While you are on the coast, take a boat or ferry trip so you can look back at Greece from sea. You will get the most stunning photos to remember your trip by.

Ancient Greece

Greece is packed full of history. There are ancient ruins all over the country that date back thousands of years. It’s well worth a day trip to see some of the ruins because they give an amazing insight to life in ancient Greece. There are tours that go daily with knowledgable guides to give you the best sight seeing experience.

Exciting Villages

There are small villages dotted all over the country and well worth a visit. You get a different view of Greece than you do in the cities. You will get a great sense of how the Greeks live, and their culture by looking into the village shops and walking the village streets.

When it comes to selecting your destination to stay, there are many beautiful places to choose from on the Voyage Privé website. Consider if you’d prefer a busy city or more laid back village to set yourself up for your stay.

Delicious Food

I can’t say enough good things about Greek food! It’s clean, well made and most of it is grown in Greece. They have the perfect climate to grow most foods and they know just how to combine their ingredients to make the flavours pop.

I highly recommend trying the mousakka for dinner and the baklava for dessert. And don’t forget to have some delicious Greek olives and wine. Many of their options are locally sourced and organic which is a huge plus when traveling.

The salads are all amazing as is the coffees, the grilled meats and fish. Yes, I ate a lot on our Greek holiday!

Mingle with the Locals

The people in Greece are one of a kind, they are open, outgoing and friendly. They are lovely to talk to and it’s worth being open and saying hello. You will get a better sense of the culture and a fuller experience by speaking with the locals.

Keep your eye out for local eateries and shops. Heading out of the tourist areas is a good way to start.

Plan but be flexible

The Greek people are super laid back. Coming from an Irish / American background where things run to schedule, it was a little different to experience scheduled things simply not happening. Like a taxi not turning up or a ferry, or someone not showing up to work – no one thinks anything of this. Life goes on and you can do whatever it is tomorrow.

So don’t panic, you will get an alternative. Just know this is the lifestyle there, and don’t get upset.

Be prepared for the roads

The roads are super windy and I found the signposting on the roads a little hectic to non-existent. We took taxis everywhere which I would personally highly recommend. If you or the kids can get car sick, bring what you need to keep the tummies settled because there are a lot of twists, turns and going up and down over mountains.

You will love your holiday to Greece – eat, drink, laugh and enjoy the laid back Greek culture. Have you been to Greece before? Let me know any of your tips in the comments.

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