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Walking in Nature: Tourmakeady Waterfalls Walk

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Going for family walks is one of the most enjoyable ways we spend time together. When the kids were younger, I used to call them 'adventure walks.' We would take a field scope and binoculars and become wilderness explorers in our minds! It would enhance the walk and make it all the more exciting.

As my kids have gotten older, we have started enjoying some longer walks but still, our favourites are those in nature. One of the most beautiful walks is the Tourmakeady Woods walk to the beautiful waterfall.

Connecting with Nature

Walking in nature instead of on a treadmill creates a different kind of experience. You are getting lovely fresh air and connecting and grounding into the healing power of nature.

On the walk, you feel connected to nature and have a knowingness that you are a part of nature. Part of something much bigger than you, a part of one beautiful whole. And see the beauty around you.

Tourmakeady Woods

Tourmakeady is known for its beautiful scenery. It is a thirty-minute drive from Westport and sits on the shores of Lough Mask and next to the Partry Mountains, making it a stunning location.

There are plenty of beautiful places to walk in Tourmakeady but our favourite is the walk through the woods that leads to the Tourmakeady Waterfall. There is parking at the entrance and a few different paths you can take which are finsihed nicely with stone. You can also go off the path and walk through the trees and go down along the river which is really lovely and quite magical.

We love to walk to the Waterfalls and have a picnic lunch there. They have a few picnic tables and benches you can sit on.

Walking for Health

Walking is one of the easiest ways you can stay healthy. Plus it's free. And fun and when you head outside, you get to connect with nature as well!

The NHS advises you be prepared for your walk by wearing comfortable shoes with support so you don't develop blisters. If need be, you can use ZeroSole insole for corns to keep your feet happy and comfortable on your walk.

For longer walks, it is a good idea to take some water, a snack, and sunscreen. If you are walking on the road, be sure to wear some hi-vis so the cars can see you.

With so many great reasons to get walking, where will you head off to?

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