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What does it mean to Inspire?

As you have probably already heard, I am a finalist for a BiB award in the Inspire category (yay!!). Out of the 12 wonderful categories, I feel so privileged to be thought of for inspire. To think that others find my blog inspiring is the biggest compliment I’ve ever received!

Judging blogs is very subjective in all of the categories. Choosing who’s the best writer, who uses video the best, who is the most inspiring would be very difficult because every blog is so unique & every judge’s perspective is unique. Just look at the list of finalists – I can’t imagine having to choose the winners!

The five inspire finalists are all so different & each speak from their own unique experiences. So, when it comes down to it – what does it mean to inspire? I can’t get that question out of my mind. I googled it & all sorts of quotes came up. After reading through so many variations, I think we inspire each other by being ourselves. I don’t think it’s something we can set out to do.

I find inspiration in the weekly quotes shared with my Candid Cuddles linky. And, I find inspiration on so many blog posts I have the privilege to read. Some of the best posts are those where people share from the heart – that is so inspiring to me.

Here are my favorite inspire quotes that I came across.

Inspire quotes

Inspire quotes

Inspire quotes

What you think of them. Where do you find inspiration?

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