What Your Newborn’s Room Should Look Like

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So you’re bringing your family’s latest edition home. What kind of room should you design for your newborn baby? It’s vital to not think of it as a ‘room’, but more like a nursery. Creating a home nursery will take time and effort but in the end, it’s so worth it. You’re making the environment for your fragile baby safe. He or she will feel comfortable and secure in this nursery if you do it right. On top of that, it should be the main place where you change nappies and do most of the feeding for the first 6 months or so. The materials you use should not stoke up any allergies, but they must be warm, soft and reusable. The overall decor should be child-friendly. You don’t want to have giant clowns on the wallpaper like you might for your toddlers. The lighting must also be versatile, able to be brightened or dimmed easily. Here’s how you can begin this complex task.