When you were little…

Over the summer holidays, I was reminiscing with the kids about when they were toddlers and some of the silliness they got up to. This one story, in particular, makes me smile every time I tell it so I thought I’d share it with you today…

I grew up going to church as a child so I thought it’d be a nice tradition to carry on to my kiddies. One Sunday when my oldest was a year old & an only child at that stage, we were in mass, just the two of us that week.

Little did I know it was an extra-long mass. I can’t remember what the special mass was for, but we were touching an hour by the time it was over. There was a beautiful choir who sang throughout the service. It was quite lovely if you didn’t have a one-year-old looking to run free on your hands.

Of course, I had a bag of tricks packed with me including snacks & small toys that don’t make noise. Most of these items ended up on the floor after twenty minutes. I had given my son my keys, loose change, the parish newsletter & anything else in my pockets. Each item lasted a few minutes then was thrown on the ground.

By the end of mass, I was a ball of nerves. Nothing was pleasing my son anymore & it was getting increasingly difficult to keep him quiet & not run away.

We were sitting in the very back of the church in the last pew, just in case things went really bad I could sneak out the back door. So at least I had an exit strategy.

Plus, our back-row seats allowed him to look straight up at the choir. He adores music so when they would sing, he’d listen quietly. That was the one saving grace of the extra-long mass!

Anyway, the mass was nearly over – we could see the finish line. The choir was singing the last hymn then we’d be heading out the door. My son was delighted with the beautiful music & sat looking up at them, which I was, of course, encouraging him to do!

Well, they finished singing & my son started to clap, really loudly while shouting: YAY!!!!

Now, remember this is the very end of mass. And, the entire church which was full for the special mass. So….they thought was clapping & cheering that mass was over!! The whole congregation turned to look at us and erupted laughing.

I still maintain he was cheering & clapping for the choir & not mass ending. But at any rate, it was embarrassing to have so many faces looking our way, smiling & laughing. At least we brought some entertainment to the church that day! And my back pew seat got me out of there fast but not before everyone started to comment and laugh about it. lol

Do you have any fun stories to share from when your kiddies were little? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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