Where do you fall on the cleaning spectrum?

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When it comes to cleaning, there are two extremes on the cleaning scale – the tidiers & the messers. Some people keep their house spotlessly clean. Others have things laying all over the place & don’t own a hoover. It’s amazing how people can be so different when it comes to how they keep their homes. This infographic shows the difference really well.

cleaning chart

Do you fall into one of these two categories? I think there is also a huge grey area between the two extremes. Personally, I fall in the grey area. My house is not spotlessly clean but it’s not a total disaster either. My house would look more like the tidy version except with toys around the place & a less organised fridge.

Having kids has affected the cleanliness in my house – a cleaning never lasts more than five minutes! I love the quote that says: cleaning your house when you have kids is like eating Oreos & brushing your teeth at the same time! It’s so true! I used to spend more time cleaning before I started my blog. Now it’s much harder to fit everything in & the house is what suffers.

Do you follow the five-second rule? Growing up, if something fell on the floor at home we blew if off & ate it. I love this infographic from Hassle.com – it explains the five-second rule so well! The decision to eat or not eat comes down to the floor in question & different conditions on the day. lol

five second rule

The butter side up or down made me laugh as that’s definitely one of my considerations if toast hits the floor. Also, when I last cleaned the floor is an important factor. I wonder if someone who falls on the messer side of the cleanliness scale would follow the five-second rule.

Where do you fall in the cleaning spectrum? Do you follow the five-second rule?

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