Readings: Frequently Asked Questions


During a reading, I ask the clients Guardian Angel and guides to join us in a sacred space where we can safely present questions and receive guidance and messages. Sometimes, a loved one who has passed will pop in to say hello or give a message to the client. There are three different ways you can have a reading – in person, via email or via a call. For a distance card reading, the client chooses from a selection of readings available and can ask a question to focus the reading on. I invite their Guardian Angel and Angels into a sacred space at my house and I select cards with the Angels guidance. Angels are not limited by time and space the way we are in our human bodies, so they are able to be with me and the client at the same instance. And they are able to guide the reading and provide loving guidance to the client even in a separate space. Some readings are available via email which I do on my own, and after the cards are pulled and I receive messages, I then type out the reading which will then be emailed to the client along with photos of the cards. The reading explains each card and then puts them all together with relevant to the client’s questions, with messages specifically for the client from the angels. Other distance readings can be done via zoom or what’s app which is a very similar experience to an in person reading.


My readings are Angel Readings meaning I ask your Guardian Angel and Guides to join me in a sacred space then ask them your questions. You can ask me specific questions that you’d like to have a message about or leave it open to receive whatever guidance comes in. I have several different decks of cards that I will combine into one reading. That adds more depth to the reading. There is the option for a 30 or 60-minute session. Or a life path reading. Grab more info on my Services page.


No. Angel Readings are 100% positive. They offer guidance and messages of how you can develop or improve things in your life. They do not give bad news or predict the future or give any messages that will cause concern. Angels operate from pure unconditional love and the reading will reflect that.


Angel card readings bring guidance to a situation you might be wondering about, they can reflect what is happening in your life and give direction on decisions and enhance relationships. Angel readings support you with encouragement, love and answers to your questions. By asking the Angels for help via a reading, you get access to higher wisdom and clearer insights. Another lovely aspect of a reading is it brings you closer to the angels, it opens the door of communication and many people say they feel closer to their angels and guides after having a reading and/or healing. If I haven’t answered your question here, please email me, or visit my contact page. I am happy to help.