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I hope you are well and safe during these very strange times. One of the odd things right now is that online shopping is one of the only ways to get certain things like clothing. With shops closed, online shopping has become more important than ever.

I have a new collaboration with Femme Luxe to show you today. If you missed my last review with them you can check it out here – New Looks from Femme Luxe Finery.

When you visit the Femme Luxe website you will see how beautiful the styles are and how easy the site is to use. There is a huge variety of styles available. Everything from clothing for going “out out” to stylish loungewear at home. And everything in between.

Each time I’ve done a collab with Femme Luxe I’ve tried to pick different styles to show you the range that’s available from them. With the lockdown going on now, I went with comfies from the loungewear section, a fun oversized t-shirt and two long sleeve tops. There is loads in stock on Femme Luxe to choose from.

As always, the clothing is reasonably priced while being stylish and in fashion.  And I was pleased that the clothing arrived quickly and nicely packaged.

So here we go, here are the items I picked this time…

High Neck Top

This top has a long sleeve design with a ribbed bodice and mesh bow tie. It’s very fitted and would be gorgeous with some skinny jeans and heels. It can be worn for a trip to the shops or dressed up more for an evening out.

I’d recommend a size up on this top if you are tall because it is a small fitted item.

The mesh tie bow top comes in a variety of beautiful bright colours along with other really fab long sleeve tops that will complement staples items that are already in your wardrobe.

Long Sleeve Dress

I love to wear oversized or long tops with jeans. I also mix shirt dresses and short dresses with jeans too.

For this look, I am wearing high waisted jeans with this dress and I think the look is really flattering. For me, I’m past the stage of wearing mini dresses on their own but love mixing them with jeans for a cute style while I’m still feeling comfortable.

This long sleeve shirt mini dress is a classic look with a sexy twist. It’s fitted and gives a beautiful shape by cinching in at the natural waist. It takes the classic white shirt and gives it a fresh new twist.

Oversized T-Shirt

With lockdown in mind, the next two items are comfy pieces for around the house. I’ve become a teacher and full-time chef for the family. And comfy clothing has become my regular wardrobe.

So I picked one of the iconic Femme Luxe oversized t-shirts to make my lockdown looks a bit cuter. It says “fearless femme.” It’s super baggy so it can be knotted at the side or else leave it loose for lounging around the house.

While Femme Luxe is associated with glamour, they also have a really fun range of comfy clothing and loungewear that incorporates style and comfort into cool pieces.

This t-shirt can go with skinny jeans or comfy trousers like I wear in the final look below.


For my fourth item, I went with the comfiest of comfy trousers from the Femme Luxe loungewear collection. These are pure comfort with a soft interior. The best part of all is that they are the right length for me at 5’9″ which is amazing.

The colour would match with anything and will be enjoyed for the remainder of the lockdown and beyond.

Femme Luxe has an extensive range of loungewear, most of which is more stylish than the items I picked. They have sets as well with tops and trousers that go beautifully together, to keep your stylish look while you are also feeling nice and comfy.

So, what do you think of my latest picks? Which item is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments.

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