February 2016 at a Glance

February 2016 has been a month of highs & lows. I think it will live in infamy as being host to one of the worst flus to hit our house. It’s been making its way through the family for the past three weeks. It’s been really horrible. It ruined our daughter’s birthday party plans & is making me quite stir crazy as I haven’t left the house in weeks. The illness made me reflect on how lucky we are when everyone is healthy & how difficult it must be for those who are ill all of the time – your health is your wealth!

your health is your wealth

Our little princess turned three which made me realize I don’t have any babies left. I poured my heart out into a post – Blink and It’s Over. It’s hard to be done having babies but it’s also nice to begin the next parenting chapter. I was delighted to receive so many lovely comments & to find out that so many other people feel the same way. There’s something about your youngest turning 3!!

Due to the flu, we had a quiet birthday celebration at home. We rescheduled her party for the following weekend but the flu had infected the second half of the family so we had to cancel it.

February 2016 at a Glance 2

We enjoyed a handful of crisp, sunny days outside (before getting sick). Most of the days, however, have been rainy & grey. But when we got a good one we headed out to enjoy it! I got a new iPhone (the 6s plus) & love the camera on it!!

February 2016 at a Glance 4

All three kids had their first horse ride in February. Their cousin bought his first horse, Whiskey. We went to visit them & he brought the boys around on Whisky. Our daughter was insistent that she sit on the horse too but she got a little scared when I put her up. She sat for a few minutes then got down. She was smiling & enjoyed it but Whiskey is a tall horse so it was a bit too high up for her liking.

February 2016 at a Glance 1

The exciting blog news for February was Cuddle Fairy breaking into the Tots 100 Top 500 blogs. That’s something I’ve been wanting to do & have been sitting just outside the top 500 for a few months now (502 to be precise). January was such a great month for views, February has been nearly as good – I’m hoping to keep this shiny badge again for March – fingers crossed!

The most viewed posts in February were:

I received this beautiful scarf from Debbie Martin Designs. The scarf is part of her Hazel & Friends line. The designs are created by children with disabilities to benefit children’s charities & genetic research. The line is inspired by Debbie’s niece, Hazel who is missing part of a chromosome which has left her wheelchair bound & needing a communication device to speak. It’s such a worthy cause & the scarf is really beautiful & light weight.

February 2016 at a Glance 3

I shared some recipes on the blog this month. My cod with cornflakes breading was a popular post – although some people were quite skeptical of this plan but I assure you it really is tasty! And, cornflakes are also delicious on chicken!

cod with cornflakes breading 6

I have a DISCOUNT CODE for you!! Awhile back I wrote a review for StorieChild – a website that allows you to create your own unique story books. They have launched a new site & started making baby books. You can receive 20% off baby book using this code: BABYCUDDLE (it’s not an affiliate code) from March 1 – 15.

Exciting news for March – I’ve been invited to attend the Galway Fashion Innovation Awards. Yet another amazing opportunity brought to me through the ITWBN (Into The West Blogger Network). The have organized twenty very lucky bloggers to attend the show. I’m truly honored to be one of the twenty chosen to go. Thomas (the intern) is coming with  me & we can’t wait! Now to decide what to wear! More on that soon!

Cuddle Fairy turns 1 on the 27th of March!! Stay tuned as I’m working on planning some giveaways for that week – woohoo!

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