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How I Created Beautiful Keepsakes with

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I really adore having our family memories and photos around our home. Looking at them brings me a lot of joy! We have our pictures on the walls, in frames, on mousepads and everywhere you can imagine.

I've had a few collaborations over the years with and I have always been so impressed with the quality of the products I've received from them. I have some beautiful prints hanging in my home from them and some wonderful photobooks. If you haven't read those reviews yet, you can check them out here: Prints Review & Photobooks Review.

I am always looking to add to our collection of keepsakes. In this collaboration, I made a beautiful blanket featuring one of my photos. As well as a canvas collage featuring photos from our family holiday to Spain.

If you would like to make a special keepsake for yourself, grab 15% off with code CUDDLEFAIRY15 (full details at the bottom of this review).

Making the Blanket

I always find using the website very simple and intuitive to navigate and this time was no different. Under their 'Home & Lifestyle' category are loads of beautiful custom items you can create for the home, including a blanket.

You upload your own image and then are given the choice of three sizes for your blanket. You also have the option to show your image in colour or in black and white. I went with the largest blanket which is 200 x 150 cm, in colour.

I chose a photo that I took of some flowers at a workshop I attended a few years ago. I added filters and created a photo that looked a bit like a painting. Seeing the flowers always makes me remember that special weekend. So it is nice to have that memory dropped over my chair now on my personalised blanket.

Making the Canvas Collage

Just like the blanket, it is very simple to create your very own custom, canvas collage! Under the 'Wall Decoration' section you can see loads of great options available including canvas prints. I went with their Canvas Collage.

What I really loved with this is the collage designs that you can choose from. They have all of the work done for you! All I had to do was select a design, and upload my photos. I edited the text and came up with a really beautiful, fully custom canvas photo collage in minutes!

The Finished Products

My items arrived quickly and well-packaged as always. I am thrilled with both the canvas and blanket!

The quality of the image on the blanket is really unbelievable. I don't know how they got the image so crisp when it is so huge! I had to stand on my tippy toes and stretch my hands up to get these photos of the blanket for you. They look just like my own image!

The blanket is super soft. The opposite side of the image is extra soft and is a dark grey colour. I have washed and dried the blanket and it came out perfectly, just as it went into the wash. Take a look for yourself...

I have declared no one else may use my blanket. LOL It is currently resting over the back of my chair and I am so cosy wrapped up in it in the evenings.

The canvas also turned out beautifully. Again, the quality of the photos is excellent. It is hanging on the wall and is a perfect way to remember our family holiday last year. It was so fast and easy to make yet it looks so professional. Having our family memories out to look at daily has been a real treat!

Overall Impressions

I'm thrilled with my new blanket and canvas photo collage. From the process of making them to the quality of the finished products, it's been a great pleasure to use again and to share my experience with you.

I have a great discount for you below. If you have any questions or feedback for me, pop them in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading. x

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There are LOADS of amazing gift items to choose from on as well including cushions, towels, bags, puzzles, mugs, books, wall art and the list goes on!

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15 comentarios

29 ene 2023

You did an amazing work. I want to try it too.

Me gusta

28 ene 2023

I love sites like these that allow you to make one of a kind creations. Love the way the blanket came out and will have to check out this site!

Me gusta
Becky O'Haire
Becky O'Haire
01 feb 2023
Contestando a

Me too, I was really impressed by the quality!

Me gusta

27 ene 2023

What a wonderful idea! I want to do this so my mamma has a blanket with our picture on it!

Me gusta