My Day of Positivity

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Last week I set a challenge for myself, to spend 24-hours without complaint or negative thinking. I asked if anyone would like to join me in my no complaints challenge & I was beyond thrilled to have 30 Twitter friends agree. We sent lots of encouraging tweets to each other which made the day more fun & positive.

my day of positivity 1

Ironically, Twitter went down, the infamous #TwitterDown. I mean, what are the chances that Twitter goes down on our #nocomplaints day? And the worst part was, I couldn’t tweet about Twitter being down. lol Anyway, it was patchy at best but we decided amongst ourselves that this was a test of our positivity.

my day of positivity 2

Most of us finished the day with no complaints & were left feeling positive. There were a handful of dropouts where life got in the way. It’s not easy to be positive if the kids are sick, you hurt yourself, you work with people who drive you crazy ,etc. But, these are all tests. The amazing thing is, that if you really stick to the no complaint or negative thoughts, you feel empowered & in control. You stop your mind from going to that place of upset & complaint. Positivity is uplifting, freeing & motivating. It all starts with your mindset: positive mind = positive vibes = positive life.

my day of positivity 3

As I said in last week’s no complaint challenge post, I have done this in the past & found it so rewarding. I was hoping to have the same result this time & am delighted that I did. I can’t maintain the “no complaints” long term, I think it’s unrealistic. But having a #nocomplaints day regularly will help keep my mindset positive.

my day of positivity 4

I am really thrilled that so many people want to make this a regular challenge with me. If you’d like to join us for our next day of #nocomplaints, please leave your Twitter handle in the comments, or tweet me: @CuddleFairy. The above quotes are the ones I sent out during our no complaints day. I’ll tag you in positive quotes like these to help your day go along with #nocomplaints.

Some of my no complaints buddies are bloggers who have written about the experience. Read about what the challenge meant to them:

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