My Son’s New Scooter Tricks

*In collaboration with Halfords.

There’s nothing like getting the kids outside for exercise & fresh air. We have lots of different bikes & ride on toys that they enjoy in the back yard. One of their favorites is the scooter which I also loved as a child.

Our seven-year-old has been practicing some scooter tricks that we found on a Scooter Tips & Tricks Guide from Halfords. The guide is really easy to follow & starts out with beginner tricks that our seven-year-old was able to master after a bit of practice. The guide then develops into more difficult tricks for more advanced scooter riders.

The tricks are listed with easy to follow instructions & graphics to demonstrate each trick. This is the beginner’s section with the difficulty marked as easy. There is another three which are medium difficulty & then three which are difficult.


To start off, I held my son on the scooter so he could get an idea of how to move his feet & how to move the scooter for the three beginner tricks – the pop-up wheelie, the pogo & the hippy jump.


After he learned the different moves, he got the confidence to start practicing by himself. He gained speed & accuracy & had so much fun scooting across the blocks. Practicing the tricks made us realize that he has out-grown his scooter. We will have to keep that in mind when the Christmas lists are sent out to Santa.


The small scooter didn’t stop him from having a blast learning the different tricks. In the end, he made up his own trick which was a combination of the hippy jump where you lift your feet off the scooter, & the pop-up wheelie where you lift the front wheel of the scooter.


As it turns out, our son is a real scooter pro now! He thoroughly enjoyed learning the three tricks & has been practicing them since.

Do your kids enjoy scooters? Did they ever try any tricks on them?

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