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My Week at a Glance 15

Welcome to my week at a glance 15. I don’t know where to start, I have so much to share this week!

On the Home Front:

The five of us had a last minute night away.  We passed through Galway in our travels & enjoyed a gorgeous dinner at Lime Asian Fusion.

Our 2-year-old daughter has had amazing improvements in her speech! I wrote a post awhile back about the things I do at home to encourage language. It can get frustrating & worrying when your child isn’t speaking. And, it’s super frustrating for them! Our daughter has had a breakthrough & is stringing 3+ words together now. Instead of screaming & crying at her brothers, she says, “my turn.” The best part is that she’s confident & trying really hard. She has a happy smile on her face when she speaks now & it melts my heart.

My son broke his finger two weeks ago. He had to lay still & not move his arm & fingers for a week. It was tough work for both of us but now he’s able to move around again. It’s sweet relief!

I have updated my wardrobe.  I found some great sales over the weekend. You can read more about my new clothes here. I’m delighted to have some comfy clothes that look nicer than my usual hoodies around the house!

my week at a glance 15

On the Blog Front:

Cuddle Fairy has been long-listed in two categories of best Parenting & best Lifestyle blog in the Irish Blog Awards 2015!! I am a little over excited about it & am anxiously awaiting next week’s short list.

My Klout score has increased to 71 & that boosted my position on the Parent Blogger Leaderboard to #10. I’m hoping to be able to keep my new rankings up.

We have been invited to stay at the fabulous, kid-friendly Connaught Hotel in Galway. We can’t wait to enjoy their leisure center, kids club, dining & beautiful apartment. Stay tuned for all the details!

I’m so excited I was able to get a ticket to meet Retro Flame, a fashion & lifestyle blogger at the next Into The West Blogger Network event in Galway. We are having afternoon tea & I can’t wait to meet some fellow bloggers.  This is my first blogger event…now to decide what to wear!

Phew! So much has happened over the past couple of days, I’m overwhelmed with excitement!! How is your week going?

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