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Summer Update 2018

WooHoo! Summer holidays are finally here! It’s been forever since I’ve written a post like this – just an update on home life and blog life! The kids finished up school last Thursday. On Friday we hit the beach. There were record high temperatures here of 32c. We thoroughly enjoyed the day out and it was a fab kick-off to the summer holidays.

The lovely weather has continued and it feels like a proper summer with the sun shining, BBQ going, paddling pool out and sunscreen flowing. lol

I’m going to put together a little video of our beach trips to show you, hopefully, it will be ready to share tomorrow. The beaches here in the West of Ireland are so beautiful. They are untouched and natural and the contrast between the sea and the green hills always gets me.

Our plans for the summer will be a balancing act like any stay at home parent who also works from home. I’ll take some days to work and some days to do fun things with the kids. I’m not sure about camps or holidays we don’t have anything planned as of now. But a little break at some point would be nice!

On the blog front, I started a Twitter hashtag, #PositivityCorner which runs every Monday from 9-10pm BST. Each week there’s a different positivity focus; today’s is happiness. And I have prizes up for grabs. Last week we were trending which is really exciting! This chat has become the highlight of my week. If you are on Twitter I’d love for you to join the conversation, get full details on #PositivityCorner here.

Custom Mother Necklace from Centime Gifts

I got to make a custom mother child name necklace from Centime Gifts. They specialize in personalized jewellery. They have a huge range of stunning engraved necklaces in an array of designs and medals. I decided to go for the Double Initial Necklace as I adore the simple design. Because I have 3 kids I added a third tag. The birthstone is my own for March. So it’s a lovely keepsake of the three kiddies initials and my birthdate in one!

centime gift mother necklace

I’m thrilled with how my necklace turned out. The sterling silver finish is lovely and shiny and the engraving is well done with crisp lines. It will be a beautiful keepsake for me for years to come!

You can watch me unbox and explain the necklace on my Instagram story. If you are reading this after July 3rd it will be under my blogger mail highlights. 🙂 Centime is providing some vouchers for me to giveaway – I will be giving one away on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook this week so stay tuned for that. All of my current giveaways are listed on my Giveaways 2018 page and I’ll add the Centime ones there when they are launched.

SunSense Discount Code

I collaborated with SunSense on a sunscreen review in the Spring. We found their sunscreens to be genuinely fantastic and I have been using them for the kids ever since. The Sports Gel is our favorite as it’s sand resistant and dries in quickly. It’s been ideal for the beach!

If you are flying through the sunscreen like we are, you might get some use out of this discount! SunSense has kindly given me a discount code to share with my followers. You can get 30% off the range (excluding already discounted products) by using code: CUDDLE30.

Travel Games from Hasbro

As a member of the Hasbro Toy Tribe, we get sent some toys from time to time. Hasbro sent us two of their travel games which they kids have been really enjoying. Guess Who and Battle Ship are classics and I have fond memories of playing them when I was young! Their small size makes them ideal to bring in the car or plane, out to a restaurant or even to the beach. And the essence of the games are the same just in a mini size.

hasbro travel games

I’m hoping to get away for a weekend or a mini-break. If we do I’ll definitely pack our new travel games for the journey. In the meantime, they are getting plenty of use in the house and in the car.

So that’s all of my news! I hope you have a fabulous summer holiday! You can stay tuned with ours by following Cuddle Fairy accounts below. xx

Disclosures: I was gifted the necklace from Centime and the toys from Hasbro. My continued love for SunSense is all my own and I am happy to share the love with you by sharing the discount code, I do not receive any commission or benefit of any kind if you use it.

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